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A journey through finding a home is personal.

Nobody is more adept at comprehending that than us. We also promise to be open and honest about how we use your data to find you a home you’ll love. Giving you the resources you need to manage your privacy is our aim.

Here are the statistics we use and why.

The details we gather

Transaction information 

The Real estate union gathers data to determine the value of your home if you ask us to make an offer on it.

Search results

We keep track of the homes and areas you visit on our websites and mobile applications so we can show you more places you’ll enjoy.

Payment details

We gather your payment information if you pay your rent through The Real Estate Union in order to properly handle your automatic payments.

How will we use this data?

Your data is used by us to improve the efficiency and ease of your commute home.


We can assist you with selling your house, signing a lease, or paying rent if you ask us to do so.


We keep you informed about homes we think you’ll like using the search history you’ve provided on our websites and mobile applications.


We can assist you in unlocking a front door for an independent home tour if you’ve enabled the location settings on your mobile device.

Information sharing methods

We exchange information with partners and service providers who can assist with your upcoming move, as well as across our various business lines.

Real estate experts

We provide the pertinent information if you request a connection with an agent, lender, or other real estate professional on The real estate union Partners in advertising

We collaborate with businesses like Google and Instagram to guarantee that the ads you see on their platforms correspond to the search terms you entered.

Service companies

If you request it, we will provide your information to outside vendors, such as Experian, who will conduct a credit check on your behalf for a rental application.

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