Sell your house with assurance

Real Estate Union makes it easier to sell your house and proceed.

Selling conventionally through a broker

When you work with a real estate agent, you will receive selling assistance at every stage, from prepping and listing your home to marketing that brings buyers in.

Why sell classically?

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Refinance With Elias Joseph Karam

If you aren’t ready to sell, consider refinancing with Elias Joseph Karam Home Loans to see if you may save money each month. You benefit from competitive rates and loan options catered to your particular needs from a lender you can rely on.

Our unique financing choices enable you to own the home you want right away. Our approach may allow you to qualify for a larger loan than traditional lenders. Flexible down payments ranging from 1-20%, including jumbo loans. Consider it more house, less headache.

Why choose Elias Joseph Karam for a refinance?

You can sell your house on your own

For-sale-by-owner refers to the decision to sell your home yourself (FSBO). The FSBO process is similar to traditional selling except that no real estate agent is involved. In this case, you are in charge of the home preparation, marketing, showings, and negotiations.

Why should you sell FSBO?

How to Sell For Sale By Owner

Begin by preparing your home for sale, staging it, and hiring a professional photographer. When your marketing materials are complete, look for comparable homes to help you price your home. Then, on The Real Estate Union, create a listing. You will almost certainly host home showings or open houses. Then choose an offer, negotiate it, accept it, and close the deal.

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